2012 Reach the Beach : Massachusetts, an Analysis

So I wrote up the big boring blog post about the team, but how did I do? I ended up averaging right around a 6:34 pace, which I am generally pleased with. This is 10+ seconds faster than last year, and I felt like I felt a lot stronger at the end than in any of my previous other RTB experiences.

Thomas asked me if I thought it was the higher mileage that contributed to it, and I think it was a big factor. But more, I think the increase in all aspects of my training has helped me become a better distance / endurance runner. So much of this type of running is mental, and having a lot of experience under my belt has helped me to run smarter *and* faster.

For the numbers geeks out there, here are the breakdowns of my legs:

Leg # Time Distance Pace (min/mi)
1 00:50:37 7.61 00:06:39
2 00:28:40 4.45 00:06:27
3 00:20:48 3.33 00:06:15
4 00:27:49 4.34 00:06:25
5 00:29:57 4.55 00:06:35
6 00:49:39 7.29 00:06:49
TOTALS 03:27:30 31.57 00:06:34


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