NYRR Holiday 4-Miler

(copied from my DailyMile.com entry)


My running buddy Dave C. agreed to pace me through this (my first!) race. I was glad that he did, because in all honesty I did not have the faith in my abilities that he did. I would have been happy with a 6:30 pace, and ecstatic with a 6:23 pace (25:30 overall time). Dave’s most recent 4-Miler was in 24:59 (6:14 pace), so I knew that if I just stuck with him I would be fine. And it turns out that I *was* able to stay with him; in fact I even passed him and finished 25 seconds in front of him — something I did not think I was remotely capable of.

My time? 25:00, for a split of 6:15 per mile.  I placed 84th out of 3763 runners!

Here’s how it went:

This morning I actually woke up a little late: I had forgotten that my Blackberry alarm clock is set to only go off during week days. Whoops! This meant that I had to get in the shower and hop to Prospect Park pronto, without any time to warm up. I dropped my bags off and got into Corral #1. After a few minutes of announcements and the expected "thank yous" and applause, we were off!

My first mile felt the shortest; I looked up and all of a sudden I was looking at a 6:21 first mile. Up until the next mile (and then, the next) that was my fastest mile I had ever run and I was feeling good running that pace uphill. Mile 2 was nothing special, but I was happy that so far I had been running negative splits without even trying. Yay! Unexpectedly, I posted a third mile of 6:00 flat, which was a total surprise to me. I *really* thought that the timers must have been off because my legs just don’t have 6:00-flat splits in them (or so I thought). Mile 4 was a little tough; the cold air was getting to my lungs and the uphill slowed me down (dammit!) but I posted a 25:00 total time.

I’d have been very happy with 25:30, and so coming in 30+ seconds faster than that was a total surprise and I think it’s hooked me on running road races.


6:21 (flat / uphill)
6:16 (flat / downhill)
6:00 (flat / downhill)
6:23 (flat / uphill)

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