Hello, World!

Yikes. It’s been a while since I’ve updated this thing that it almost feels like starting over.

I spent a good 8 days in (mostly) sunny Southern California for the Christmas break, and it was 8 days much needed away from NYC.  It was nice to slow down a bit, and get back into the pace of SoCal living; cruising in cars, chit-chatting over coffee, and of course going for runs without the fear of getting mowed down by a car or cyclist.

All of my runs were near my parent’s home in Orange. I wanted to run along the beach in Santa Monica (where there’s a paved path), but I just didn’t budget my time well enough to do that.

Coming home as an “adult” these days always seems to open my eyes to parts of home that I never saw before. This time as a runner, I got to run a 6+ mile loop of the neighborhood that I had ventured through only by car.  It reminded me just how much there is around the area I grew up, despite my insistence that there is, “never anything to do,” when I go home.

It’s 2010 now, and I’m going to try and remind myself to slow down a bit and enjoy the time I spend running.  Barring injury, I know I’m going to make my mileage goals for the week / month / year, so I might as well enjoy the path I take to get there.

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