2010 Prospect Park Cherry Tree 10-Mile Relay

This morning was the 10-mile, 3-man relay called the Cherry Tree Relay, put on by the Prospect Park Track Club. Considering I was working on little sleep and had 5 drinks last night, I think this went alright.

Overall, my team (Two Speeders and a Breeder) placed 15th out of 97 teams. Our final time was 1:03:33, for a 6:22 pace.

I ran the third and last leg, which was a little odd. I found that most of the people at the point where on their second leg of the race, and I was flying by them which gave me concerns that I may have started off a little fast. Thankfully, though, this wasn’t the case. I started off right about the pace that I wanted to.

This is only my second race, and my first without someone to pace me so I’m still learning how to start off properly. I’d say overall this is about the race that I wanted. Since this was more of a social race and not a NYRR race, I didn’t want to go all-out — but at the same time, I definitely wanted to do well.

I think I did just that, and pulled an overall pace of 6:10. Splits were : 6:15, 6:23, 6:08, 2:00 (5:24 pace for the last .37 mi).

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