Run As One 4-Mile Race Presented by JP Morgan Chase

Overall Time: 24:23
Pace: 6:05
Place: 86 of 6712
AG%: 69.1%

Weather: 52 Degrees, 47% Humidity, Clear.
Start time: 9:00


This was a good race! I have a 4-mile race next week, and I thought I wasn’t going to try to run this one too hard. That changed once I got to the front corral, as it became evident that a lot of the faster Front Runners were doing this race. Sensing that FRNY might be able to take home a team medal, and me wanting to be a part of that, I decided to go for it and I’m happy with how this ended up.

Unfortunately, I ended up the 6th Front Runner to cross the line (only the top 5 get medals) but at least FRNY ended up with a 3rd place Men’s Team medal. I felt good the entire race, which means maybe I didn’t try hard enough – but it was a 37-second PR for me and I’m happy about that.

Next week is the same course, and if the weather holds out I’m going to go for another PR. Wish me luck!

Mile 1: Cat Hill is here, but despite this nasty incline I was too busy weaving around the slower runners to notice. I went by in 6:02.

Mile 2: Cat Hill is out of the way and now it’s nice and flat with a couple downhills. This would be my fastest mile, at 5:59.

Mile 3: Shit, there’s a hill here. At least we’re halfway done!  Everybody slows down here 20+ seconds, and I was not much different. 6:18, and glad that’s over!

Mile 4: I should have pushed harder, but somehow I forgot where the finish line was and didn’t realize it was as close as it was until I saw it after the turn on the 72nd Street transverse. Oh well. 6:02 final mile, and a 37-second PR. Huzzah!

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