City Parks Foundation Run For The Parks 4-Miler


Overall Time: 24:10
Pace: 6:02
Place:  67 of 5272
AG%: 69.7%

Weather: 44 Degrees, 62% Humidity, Clear.
Start time: 8:00


This was a good race! True to form, I stayed out too late last night and had a few too many vodka tonics. Despite this, I managed to beat my 4-mile time from last week and set a new PR for the second week in a row.  While I was unable to achieve the elusive 5:59 pace, I’m pleased with this race. I started off a little slow, but that may have been a result of not feeling too rested this morning.

With today’s 4-Miler, I’ve now raced the last 4 consecutive weeks. The next NYRR race isn’t until May 9th, so I (thankfully) have a few weekends off for once. Whew!

Mile 1: Cat Hill is here. I intended to run a 6:00 because of my tendency to start off too conservatively.  That was a fail, as I clocked a 6:05 split.  Dammit, already behind pace!

Mile 2: Cat Hill is out of the way and my intention was to run a 5:55 or so, to bank time that will inevitably be lost on the hills of Mile 3.  When I saw 6:00 on my watch, I knew I’d have to push it a bit.

Mile 3: Shit, there’s a hill here. Last week I did this in 6:18. Today I pulled a 6:10, and it felt really good to push a bit on the uphill. I passed a lot of people who were starting to fade.

Mile 4: With the worst behind me, I just made sure to finish strong. I held my form together and made to not to get lazy simply because the end was near.  5:52 final mile, and a 13-second PR!

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