3:10 or Bust – Mohawk Hudson River Marathon!

I did it – I registered for my first marathon! This week I registered for the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon, a race notorious for being fast and one of the best marathons to BQ at. And qualifying for Boston is exactly what I’m going to try to do.  I’ve had a couple people tell me this is a horrible idea, to try and BQ at my first marathon. I’m going to completely ignore them and let my training be my guide instead. 

I have the Brooklyn Half Marathon this month (May 22), which will give me a good idea of what I should aim for at the Mohawk. Mohawk isn’t until October 10, 2010 (the same day as the Chicago Marathon), so my Brooklyn 1/2 Mary won’t be the best indicator of exactly how fit I will be 5 months later it’s about the best gauge I’ll have right now.

Depending on the weather (it’s finally getting hot here in NYC) I’ll be shooting for a 1:26 half marathon, or a 6:33 pace.  It sounds a little intimidating, but I think I can do it. If I see that lovely 1:26 on the counter when I cross the finish, I know I’ll be in good shape to BQ at Mohawk. 

There’s going to be a lot of training miles and lots of prayers made to stay injury free; I’m not so foolish to think that just because I can run some fast 5/10Ks that I’m a shoe-in for running a Boston Qualifying time. But I really want this, and I’m going to make sure I get it!

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