Mother’s Day 4-Miler Race

Overall Time: 24:20
Pace: 6:05
Place: 53 of 4765
AG%: 69.2%

Weather: 44 Degrees, 47% Humidity, Wind, Clear.
Start time: 8:00

Splits: 6:05, 5:57, 6:14, 6:00

I saw fellow Daily Miler Daniel the blue corral with me and said hello. I had forgotten that we were both running this race, but was glad to see him there. It sounds like he struggled that last mile, so that makes two of us for whom this race didn’t go so well.

This wasn’t the race I wanted but I won’t complain too much. My first two miles were OK, but the second the race went along the west side, it became hard to breathe.  The 23 mph winds were taking a toll on my lungs; I felt like I was dry heaving and it slowed me down the last two miles.

While I didn’t completely fail at this race (it was only 10 seconds off from my last 4-miler), I knew my legs had a sub-24 in them but it still didn’t happen. I guess I’ll have to wait until next time.

On the upside, I did help my team (Front Runners New York) place 2nd in the Team Division so I’ll be getting a NYRR medal.  Yay!

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