2010 NYRR Team Championships

Overall Time: 30:29
Pace: 6:05
Place: 194 of  783
AG%: 69.9%

Weather: 70 Degrees, 53% Humidity
Start time: 8:00

Splits: 6:20, 5:59, 6:07, 6:08, 5:54

This was a nice little race that I wasn’t so much looking forward to. With an emphasis on trying for distance / marathon training, I was slightly annoyed that I felt obligated to run a 5-Miler. That said, I’m glad I did it. It kept me from solely focusing on distance training, and made me think about speed.

The NYRR Team Championships is a race only open the NYC running clubs who compete in NYRR events. To participate, you must have run as a member of one of the running clubs that year. It’s my first time running the race, and it was a lot of fun to see all the local clubs come out to support their team and make as big of a showing as they can in a team-only event. I was proud to put on the Front Runners New York singlet, and happy that I was able to run well (for me) at this event.

The NYC heat finally broke for this race, and although the race conditions weren’t ideal, they were good enough to try and run this fast.  I’m never very keen on the idea of running races in NYC in August, but these conditions were about as good as they’ll ever get and so I wasn’t go to let it get past me.  A number of my friends felt strong in this race, and several of them PR’ed – including myself. 

Mile 1: 6:20. This felt fast, but as I came to the marker I noticed that I was coming around at a sluggish 6:20 pace.  Shit. I know it’s not slow, but it’s nowhere near where I should have been.  I had to pick up the pace.

Mile 2: 5:59. I picked it up. I went sub-6 for this mile, which felt good. I started to question as to whether this was too fast a pace, but if I’m going to start running sub-6 pace then I may as well push myself and try and start now.  I felt fine, and figured I might as well try and hang onto the pace.

Mile 3: 6:07. Slipped a bit on pace, but not by much – it was fine. Somewhere around here I pass my nemesis, Chris S. To his credit, he had a pretty bad bike crash and an allergic reaction to the antibiotics he was on so he was definitely not feeling well this morning. Normally we would have battled it out a lot more, but today I think his body was recovering from a hard two weeks prior. I would go on to beat him by 1 minute, 15 seconds. It’s my first time beating him, but I know on a better day for him it would have been a coin toss.

Mile 4: 6:08. Cat Hill really wrecked a lot of runners. I passed quite a few people who had gone out too fast and were now struggling up Cat Hill with slightly more than a mile before the finish. It didn’t seem to affect my pace a whole lot, although I did find myself working hard (it’s a race after all). Mentally I knew that the worst was over – the rest of the course is flat, and the idea of finishing was creeping into my head.

Mile 5: 5:54.  I should have pushed more here, because as it would turn out my friend Michael S. would end up beating me by 4 seconds in this race.  He had to crank out a 5:40 final mile to beat me, but I should have done the same even if I didn’t have a rabbit in front of me to chase.  Regardless, this was a PR for me and so whatever disappointment I had over losing to him was met with that incredible feeling of having PRed (and felt good) at a race.  Yay!

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