2011 Teterboro Airport 5K

Overall Time: 18:08
Pace: 5:50
Place: 33 of 838
AG%: 71.02%

Weather: 75 Degrees,
Start time: 8:30am

Splits: 5:46, 5:59, 5:53, (:31 for the last .1)

This was a pretty awesome race. I signed up for it months ago, just because it was sort of interesting having done the JFK 5K. I guess it was just an extension of the runway series in my mind.

In all honesty I hadn’t been doing any speedwork whatsoever. In fact, as we stood in the corrals a friend asked me, “So what’s your goal?” I had no clue what I was going to do. I told I wasn’t sure — but that I would know after the first 400 meters.

Well the gun went off, and that was it — I was racing. My legs kept a comfortably hard pace and soon I had done a 5:46 opening miles. The sun was coming down pretty hard and the blacktop of the runway wasn’t helping; but at least it was flat, and I’ll never complain about missing hills in the middle of a race.

Mile 2 included a crazy u-turn around an orange cone just like at JFK, so I recorded a slower 2nd mile of 5:59 due to losing a lot of speed maneuvering around that stupid cone. Looking back it was sort of fun, because when you turned at the cone it then meant you were seeing the slower people still running “out” while I was heading back already. I saw my friends that I came with, and some random back-of-the-packers were yelling words of encouragement to those of us finishing up our 3rd and final mile. How cool!

Mile 3 was your typical mile in a 5K — incredibly painful — as I just told my stupid legs to hold the fuck on and cross the mat. It’s just one mile, and it’s just sub-6 pace. I wasn’t asking anything out of the ordinary, and I wouldn’t let my brain talk my legs out of a good race.

Blah blah blah, crossed the line, got a PR. The end.

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