2013 Boston Marathon Training

There are 53 days until the Boston Marathon. 53 days until my next “A” race. 53 days to worry about failure.

My training has been going fairly well. After 10 days off from real running after the Lookout Mountain 50-Miler, I’ve put in some pretty solid weeks of training and have had a high of 81 miles. I’m throwing in two speed workouts a week, typically in the form of mile repeats and one tempo run a week.

Despite the fact that training is going well (hitting my tempo splits, mile repeats, long run paces), I still worry about not having a good race on Monday April 15. Originally my goal was somewhere around a 2:52, but I may revise that and just go for a PR which would be anything under 2:56:29. I think my strategy on race day is to go out at a 1:28 first half, and to see if I can pick it up the last half like I did in Chicago. If I can’t, then I’ll just try and maintain pace to finish in 2:56 again.

We’ll see.

As a tune-up I’ve got two short races in the next two weekends. On Saturday I have the Al Gordon 4-miler. It’s not a particularly easy course given its hills, but as long as I hit 5:59 pace or below (5:50 goal) I should be fine. The following week is Coogan’s, and I’ll be shooting for a 17:59 again despite a hilly course.

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