Hello. My name is Steven Waldon, and I am a runner; other things too, but this is about my running.

I haven’t always been a runner. In March of 2009 after 5 years of lots of drinking and smoking I decided it was time to get in shape. I wanted to quit the smoking (this continues to be difficult), and maybe work toward the goal of a marathon. I didn’t have anything too concrete in mind — other than I wanted to run and I wanted to do it well.

Since then I’ve run a few dozen marathons, ultramarathons, and self-supported multi-day ultramarathons in far-away locations. When I started trying new distances (especially ultramarathons) and new races, I always found it useful to read about other peoples’ experiences, so if you find any of this useful I’m glad.

This blog is just a simple way of tracking my progress–my training, races, experiences, and goals for the future.

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